Happiness, stability, safety, and empowerment can all affect a person’s health. These elements affect everything from how they heal and care for themselves to their mental health. When it comes to health and lifestyle, several studies have shown that people prefer to live in their own homes when possible. HomeCentris stands by this mission to support independent living, and learning about HomeCentris Frederick will reveal our commitment to this cause.


The History of HomeCentris Personal Care

caretaker pouring orange juice for senior citizen about homecentris frederickHomeCentris Healthcare began with a simple mission: empower clients to live at home while receiving the care they need. Many families worry about their loved one’s abilities to care for themselves. HomeCentris works to put those worries to rest and provides a full continuum of home care services.

HomeCentris Healthcare is dedicated to five core values:

  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability

When you learn about HomeCentris Frederick and our services, you’ll see the ways these values present in everything we do. From our senior clients to families who need transitional care services, we treat every client with respect and compassion.


About HomeCentris Frederick

HomeCentris Frederick is the home care services provider for residents of Frederick, MD and surrounding areas. We offer professional home care services that maintain our clients’ senses of independence and stability. Furthermore, we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients and their families, ensuring a beneficial situation for everyone involved.

We offer a diverse range of home care services to help individuals in all situations. These services include:

When you meet with the team at HomeCentris Frederick, we’ll sit down with you and your family to evaluate your situation. From there, we’ll determine a plan for care that works best for your loved ones. This plan will include innovative personal care solutions that will ensure the independence and safety of your family.


Our Team

An important fact to know about HomeCentris Frederick is that our team is not only your source for personal care services, but they’re also your companions. Major life transitions, such as leaving a treatment center or the birth of a child, can leave families feeling lost. At HomeCentris Frederick, our staff treats every one of our clients with care and compassion.

At HomeCentris, we think with our hearts. We not only evaluate your circumstances to determine the best course of action, but we also take the time to emotionally connect with every client and work hard to understand them. This empathetic approach to treatment ensures that we meet all the needs of our clients and help them feel empowered.


Empowerment Through Innovation and Excellence

If your family needs comprehensive home care services for the next stage of your lives, it’s time to contact HomeCentris Frederick. We’re ready to work with Maryland families to develop innovative solutions for your situations. Together, we can build a stable, safe, and secure future for your family.

Finally, to learn more about HomeCentris Frederick, call us today at 855-886-8710.