By the time a senior individual reaches their twilight years, they usually aren’t looking for much more than a decent quality of life. That’s a difficult thing for some people to obtain when they have physical or mental limitations. It’s also difficult for family caregivers to adequately care for a needy loved one when they also have limitations. It’s for that reason that enlisting the services of a private duty home care in Frederick, MD assistance caregiver makes a lot of sense.

What Exactly is Home Care Assistance?

When a senior reaches the point caring for themselves becomes too much of a challenge, they need someone to help them. The help they need includes everything the rest of us take for granted in our day-to-day lives. While moving in with family might be an option in some cases, that’s not always the best solution.

Home care assistance covers a wide range of responsibilities for the care of others. Others could include disabled people, seniors or people who need transitional care while they recover from an illness or injury. With our home care assistance Frederick MD option, we provide caregivers who can help the client with things like personal hygiene and various levels of personal care. While some of our clients are able to maintain some level of functioning, we have other clients who require round-the-clock care. That higher level of care usually includes assistance with remedial things like:

nurse provides home care assistance to elderly man

  • Using the restroom facilities
  • Taking baths and brushing teeth/dentures
  • Changing clothes
  • Paying bills and running errands
  • Providing transportation for appointments
  • Feeding and providing help with drinking liquids

For the clients who are able to function at some level, a home care assistance professional might take on the role of a monitor. They stay with the client to provide companionship and any assistance the client might need.

The Goal of Home Care Assistance

Recent studies indicate that seniors function better when they are able to remain at home. As part of our home care assistance Frederick MD option, we strive to make sure the client feels safe and comfortable. If the house needs cleaning and maintenance, our caregivers are there to help. They also prepare meals, wash linens and clothing and keep the home in full operation.

Ultimately, we design our private duty home care Frederick MD programs to give family members peace of mind. We are in communication with family and do everything in our power to make sure they know their loved one is safe and comfortable.

The most important thing we want prospective clients to know about our caregivers is they go through a vetting process. We do everything we can to make the caregivers we assign to clients have the skills needed to do the job. They are responsible individuals with a desire to provide care to those clients who need it the most. Our list of home care services includes:

If you have concerns about providing your loved one with the care they need, you do have options. The best solution for you, your family and your loved one might well be home care assistance. That’s exactly what we do at HomeCentris Frederick, and we do it well. For more information about how we can help care for your loved one, please give us a call at 855.886.8710.