If you have a senior loved one living at home, your top priority is their safety. Of course, it can be difficult for family members to provide constant care and monitoring, especially if this loved one lives independently. At HomeCentris Frederick, we offer ancillary services that can give your family peace of mind in regard to your loved one’s well-being.


What Are Ancillary Services?

female caretaker helping male senior client with in home care services in frederick mdAncillary services are products and resources that allow an individual to live their everyday life successfully. In regard to personal home care, one example includes a “PERS,” or Personal Emergency Response System.

A PERS device is a small, wearable button that individuals can carry with them at all times. If your loved one presses the button, it will link them to our call center. Furthermore, unlike other ancillary care devices, the HomeCentris PERS device is totally portable. Many devices are tied to a landline phone, but our device will continue working even outside the home. Therefore, your family can rest assured that your loved one has access to the help they need no matter where they are.


Benefits of a Personal Emergency Response System

Our ancillary care services offer many benefits to families. The first and foremost benefit is safety. If your loved one falls or has an emergency that requires immediate assistance, help is just a button press away.

By pressing the button on their PERS device, your loved one will be connected to an ancillary care call center that supports over 100 different languages, so you can feel confident knowing that your loved one won’t hit any roadblocks when trying to call for care. This way, your loved one will get help as soon as possible.

Our device is also waterproof and durable. Our device can even be worn in the shower, a common location for falls. You don’t have to worry about help being out of reach for your family member in any situation.

Another benefit of our PERS device is the GPS element of the device. Since our PERS device is entirely portable, it can go with your loved one wherever they go. Therefore, if your loved one becomes lost or confused, our system can help locate them.

With the HomeCentris PERS, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one has access to the help they need whenever they need it.


Discover Better Solutions at HomeCentris Frederick

For families who need assistance caring for a loved one, HomeCentris Frederick is ready to help. We offer comprehensive personal care and ancillary services for families in Maryland. In addition to our ancillary care services, we also offer other in home care services including:

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