When a loved one needs additional care for a physical or psychological condition, it is essential to create a safe home free from injury or other hazards. If you are unsure whether your home is safe, Home Centris Frederick offers a comprehensive environmental assessment. We can perform a room-by-room inspection to identify potentially hazardous conditions.

We can perform a regular home environment assessment to mitigate health or medical risks, including falls. A home assessment includes both interior and exterior factors around your yard. The assessment covers several different areas that contribute to injuries or inhibit needed access. If you need an environmental assessment or in home care in Frederick MD, feel free to call us today.

What Does an In-Home Environment Assessment Cover?caregiver from homecentris frederick giving the results of the home environmental assessment

An environmental assessment covers four major areas:

  1. Fundamental home safety and patient safety issues
  2. Environment efficiency and cleanliness (clutter, sanitation, etc.)
  3. Mobility and accessibility throughout each room in the home
  4. Education and awareness for the patient and family on in-home care

1. Fundamental Home and Patient Safety Issues

Think about all the things in your home that could create safety hazards for your loved one. Core issues include first safety, access to chemicals or substances, access to tools, utensils, or equipment, storage, contamination, fall prevention, and communication. Our in home caregiver can help you identify critical areas of your home that you need to address to promote safety.

2. Environmental Efficiency and Cleanliness

Every room in the home must be free of clutter and free of contamination. What sanitation issues do you need to deal with, such as garbage or clean restrooms? Try to find things that can lead to tripping or fall. Also, consider flooring surfaces and lighting.

3. Assessment of Mobility and Access

Your loved one does not have to have access to every room in your house. However, they do need access to specific places based on their health condition. Can they access the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom? If they are using a mobile device such as a wheelchair, can they get through the doorways?

4. Family Issues, Education, and Awareness

Part of an assessment also determines what your family knows about safety and how to care for a loved one. A professional caregiver can teach you about medical procedures, equipment use & maintenance, and daily tasks. If you do not require 24/7 professional care, then you will need to know how to perform multiple tasks.

Getting to Know Your Loved One

One of the most critical aspects of performing an environmental assessment is getting to know the person we are trying to protect and care for. We must understand your loved one’s needs, personality, medical conditions, and desires. Knowing these things can help us develop a complete assessment. It also helps us match the right caregiver with the client.

The more time we spend with the family member, the more refined our assessment is. Since assessments are ongoing (every few weeks or months), then creating a safer and more conducive environment is a process.

Schedule an Environmental Assessment Today

At Home Centris Frederick, we strive to create the highest level of care for our clients offering numerous senior care options and in-home support services. As a part of our commitment to safety, we conduct an environmental assessment for each of our clients. To schedule an assessment for your family, call us today at 855.886.8710. We can set a date and time to come to your home and begin your assessment.