If you are finding it difficult to live on your own because of your age, or you work full time and can’t make it to help your loved one as much as you wish you could, consider looking into geriatric home care services. It is tough to know that someone you love needs you, and there is nothing that you can do. Senior home care services in Frederick, MD will relieve your worries and have you knowing that everything is going to be fine.

What is Geriatric Home Care?younger woman holds elderly woman's hand while providing geriatric home care services frederick md

Geriatric home care is a service where a certified professional comes into your home or the home of your loved one and takes care of the things that they can no longer do themselves. Senior home care services staff can also act as a stand-in if you are already taking on the brunt of the work with your senior. If you want a couple of days off a week from the everyday tasks that being a care provider entails, you can get that by calling in some help.

Overall, geriatric home care services in Frederick MD, or anywhere in the US, will provide you or a loved one with the care and support that you need every day to get along in a way that you are used to. Home care services are much less expansive than moving into a private nursing home.

You also get the undivided attention of one person that will tend to your duties, whereas at a home there are few workers to many residents. Here are some of the responsibilities your home care worker will be responsible for:

  • Light cleaning
  • Meal preparation
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Arranging transportation

In addition to:

As you can see, you or your loved one will be thoroughly cared for when there is a geriatric home care person present. Caretakers can be placed in the home for a certain number of hours during the day, or they can be placed overnight. They can also fill in spots when you need a break or can’t be there all of the time.

What Will Home Care be Like?

If you have never had services like this before, home care will lift the weight of the world off of your shoulders. There will be no more worrying about falling or remembering your medications. There will be no more waiting until your hands don’t hurt in the morning to get dressed. Everything will be as it once was again. You will no longer feel like a prisoner in your own body.

Also, the people that help you now can just come over for a cup of tea rather than toiling away over your laundry, food, or medications. Your geriatric home care worker will also act as a caring companion service. It can be lonely living in your house alone. If you ask them to, they will usually sit and play cards, or chat about the news.

When you get a home care worker, the first thing that will happen is you and your current condition will be assessed. From there, a level of care will be suggested, and a plan will be formulated. From the plan will arise an agreement of terms and services, and that will serve as your contract. When the home care worker comes into your home a typical morning might look something like this:

  • Rise and shine
  • Dress
  • Check on the daily schedule
  • Medications and food
  • Hygiene
  • Daily Chores

Finding Senior Home Care Services

If you are in the Frederick, MD area give HomeCentris call today at 855.886.8710. We offer a full range of geriatric home care services from temporary to live-in caretakers. Give us a call today to find out more information.