You provide care to an aging parent or elderly loved one. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s taking its toll on you. Respite care services and private duty home care by HomeCentris Frederick could lighten your load.

Why Respite Care Services are Essential for Caregivers

We’re living longer. Besides that, more and more seniors choose to age in their homes. They don’t want to enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Many prefer the comfort that familiar surroundings offer.

Family members, too, understand the importance of keeping elderly loved ones close. They feel an obligation to care for aging parents. However, if you’re in this position, you know that you also have your own family to care for. You have children who need help with homework.

Your spouse needs attention. But running errands, cooking, checking up on medication use, and cleaning someone else’s home take time. Soon, you feel like you’re always running and never arriving. That’s where the transitional home care services and respite care services Frederick, MD trusts can make the difference.

How Respite Care Works

HomeCentris Frederick sets up an appointment to evaluate your needs. Maybe you need to schedule Frederick home care assistance for a senior who’s coming home from the hospital. Then, there’s the senior in need of an around-the-clock companion. Respite care for elderly clients in this situation looks different.

Typical respite care services include:

  • Light housekeeping that keeps clutter under control and ensures a clean, sanitary living environment
  • Meal preparation that follows nutritional, doctor-provided guidelines
  • Medication reminders to assist your loved one to take prescription drugs on time
  • Errand running that might include grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy
  • Companionship to provide safety and supervision while an elderly client goes about their tasks in the home

These services enable you to take a day off. You know that your loved one’s in good hands. Moreover, many clients enjoy the presence of a third party caregiver. Frequently, having a hired caregiver provide bathing assistance helps them maintain their dignity.

They don’t feel as though they’re being a burden. Respite care for elderly caregivers is also a much-needed break. They need to have a chance to rest.

They also might need help with more difficult tasks that they can’t perform any longer. Examples include housecleaning or lifting someone. For them, the respite care services Frederick, MD trusts are a necessity. It could be the difference between empowering a loved one to remain at home and having them enter a facility.

What Sets Apart HomeCentris Frederick from Other Services?

The team at HomeCentris Frederick took the time to define a mission complete with a vision and values. The goal is to provide superior client services and Frederick, MD senior home care services with integrity and accountability. Caregivers have the compassion necessary to work with the elderly who need assistance. Most importantly, everyone agrees that the empowerment of aging in place is a must.

Next, there’s a commitment to communication. Caregivers understand that loved ones have to know if there are any concerns. If you direct them, they will also communicate with the doctor about the client’s diet or medication adherence.

Sign up for Respite Care Assistance Today

Don’t you owe it to yourself to get help with your caregiving duties? It’s not that you don’t want to do it all. It’s just that you need help. Your family also has needs, and meeting them is of vital importance.

Besides that, your loved one doesn’t want to be a burden. With HomeCentris Frederick respite care services, you feel refreshed and well rested to offer assistance. Learn more about this care model today by calling 855.886.8710 now.