When your loved one struggles with performing daily tasks and meeting personal needs, you have options for their care. HomeCentris provides in-home caregiver services in Frederick, MD designed to help your loved one continue living a healthy and independent lifestyle. Clients range in age from birth to well into their senior years.

HomeCentris Frederick’s services include:

Through in-home caregiver services Frederick MD, everyone in the family enjoys living a more balanced life. You can relax in knowing your loved one has quality care when you are not able to be there, yourself. They maintain their independence with a positive outlook and self-confidence.

What is senior home care?

HomeCentris Frederick’s in-home support services Frederick MD include senior home care for aging adults who want to continue living at home. These services involve a custom approach to your loved one’s precise needs.

Services start with a personal evaluation of current needs, including an understanding of the whole family. Through this evaluation, HomeCentris Frederick helps you decide upon the most-needed services for the senior’s best health, stability, and lifestyle.

If you care for an aging adult and want to continue doing so, you still need time for yourself to recharge and maintain your own wellness. For these times, you can rely on HomeCentris Frederick to provide that break for you. Through senior in-home support services and respite care, you can have peace of mind with a balanced lifestyle while also meeting the caregiving needs of your aging loved one.

In-home support services for seniors include personal hygiene and care, such as through bathing, tooth brushing, toileting, and dressing. Your senior home care can include help with errands, meal preparation, shopping, diet monitoring, housekeeping and walking. Medication reminders ensure your loved one takes medications on time and in the right doses. Above all else, having a caring companion with your loved senior gives you the peace of mind you need to maintain other aspects of your own life.

All of these services are available according to your precise needs. Scheduling includes temporary or long term options, as well as weekend and holiday care. You can have the help you need any day of the week, 24 hours per day or as-needed.

What is transitional care?

When you or someone you love need help following a hospital stay, outpatient procedure or rehab treatment, transitional care meets these needs. In-home support services of transitional care make these transitions back into the household easier for everyone. Through transitional care services, returning home is less overwhelming, as is getting back into a healthy daily routine.

What are ancillary support services?

Ancillary in-home support services Frederick MD include environmental assessments, discharge assistance, and personal emergency response systems. An environmental assessment is a review of the home and its potential hazards. Also, discharge assistance provides support for the transition from a hospital or other treatment environment, back into the home.

In addition, for people able to live independently for periods of time without ongoing supervision, a personal emergency response system(PERS) provides peace of mind. If your loved one needs emergency help, such as in the event of a fall, PERS ensures that assistance is only one alert away. The portable system also tracks your loved one with memory problems or in the event they become lost, using a built-in GPS.

Do I need in-home support services?

All of us need help at times in our lives. In-home support services Frederick MD provided by HomeCentris Frederick help you or your loved one maintain independence and self-confidence through an array of home care services suited to your individual needs. Call HomeCentris Frederick now at 855.886.8710 to learn more about available in-home support services and for your own home care assessment.