Aging is a difficult process. When your elderly loved one begins experiencing setbacks or difficulties managing their day to day life, it can be frustrating, stressful and upsetting for both you and your loved one. After spending their entire life successfully taking care of their everyday needs, your loved one can become overwhelmed at the restrictions aging poses. They may need more assistance for getting around or medication reminders.

Decreased motor skills, worsening vision, and medical problems may make previously simple everyday tasks suddenly more challenging for your loved one. Running errands can be especially difficult. Your loved one may no longer drive or relies on others to take them places.

Navigating late adulthood without help is difficult. While you may offer as much help as you can, if you are juggling a career and a family of your own, you may find it hard to find enough time to support your loved one. If you live hours away, it may be impossible for you to help your aging loved one on a regular basis.

Many times, your loved one may find things like remembering to take their medication difficult. Medication reminders can help a great deal and ensure your loved one takes their prescription regularly.a doctor hands medication to a female patient and recommends medication reminders

What are Medication Reminders?

The majority of adults over the age of 60 take at least one prescription medication every day. Some of the most common medications taken by elderly adults include:

  • Heart medications
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements, like Calcium and Magnesium
  • Joint and muscle pain medications
  • Insulin
  • Medications to reduce the risk of blood clots

Medication reminders can include a variety of things, from setting regular alarms to utilizing a pill box. Some pillboxes have built-in alarms that ring when it’s time for your loved one to take their medication. Forgetting to take scheduled medications can worsen medical problems. Elderly individuals are especially vulnerable to potentially harmful side effects associated with missing a medication dose.

If your loved one is tech savvy, they can take advantage of things like pharmacy apps that help them track their medication use and remind them when their next dose is due. Alarm clocks and phone reminders can also help your loved one remember to take their medications.

Medication reminders for the elderly may also include utilizing medication reminder services and home care services.

The Benefits of Home Care Services 

Home care services provide a broad range of potential benefits for you and your loved one. If you don’t have the ability to visit your loved one regularly, in-home care services help you ensure that your loved one is happy, healthy and safe.

Home services meet with your loved one in your loved one’s home, which helps establish a greater sense of independence. Medication reminder services may also be available from home care providers.

If your loved one was recently hospitalized, transitional care and auxiliary in-home care services can help make sure your loved one fully recovers. In-home care services can help relieve the pressure of daily chores and housekeeping obligations, which can limit your loved one’s stress and allow them to focus on enjoying life.

An in-home caregiver can also help ensure your loved one has regular access to transportation, healthy meals, and a strong support network.

Finding In-Home Care for a Loved One

You can tell when your loved one begins experiencing difficulty completing their day to day activities. That’s when it’s time to explore in-home care options. As your loved one ages, it may become harder for them to maintain and establish independence. Home care services can help ensure that your loved one has the support, understanding, and compassion they need to succeed. HomeCentris provides your loved one with the best personal home care services Frederick MD has to offer. Call us today at 855.886.8710 to learn more about how our medication reminders and services can help your loved one.